Pat Walker Health Center Addition

This two-story addition and renovation project grew from the need to accommodate a growing student population that had long-exceeded the capacity of the existing health center facility, and a desire to better organize departments that were disjointed and shoehorned into limited space.  The floor plan solution reorganizes department flow and optimizes patient convenience.  The Medical Clinic (including the Women’s Clinic and the Allergy and Immunization Clinic) is placed entirely on the first floor.  Counseling and Psychological Services occupies the second floor of the existing facility, eliminating cross-connections with other departments, and affording privacy for clientele.  Administration and Wellness Services are located on the second floor of the addition in an adjacency relationship that allows individuality while sharing resources such as reception/waiting space and a large conference room.  Flexible multipurpose space, adjustable from one to three individual rooms, and a generous pre-function space rounds out the area of the first floor of the addition and is available for use after-hours.  The exterior of the new construction presents an updated, sophisticated version of the original facility.  A new east-west oriented entry “street” redefines the building’s entry sequence.  The east and west entries are equally detailed, acknowledging the facility has two “fronts”, not a “front” and a “back”.