The Inspiration

Since the time I was a 6-year-old child through high school, I designed and built many treehouses, underground forts, boats, go-karts, bikes and outdoor decks. I have always liked to draw things on paper and figure out the best way to build it. When I was deciding my college major it was a toss-up between structural engineering and architecture. I ultimately chose architecture. Being an architect allows me the opportunity to understand, coordinate and craft all building and site engineering decisions that impact the performance, function and aesthetic outcome of our building projects. I get both my bread and butter.

The Education

• Bachelor of Science in Architecture
• Licensed to practice architecture in 19 states
• NCARB certified

The Work

I have been fortunate to be involved with a multitude of several different building-type projects throughout my professional career. Health care and educational projects have always been my main focus. I love the challenge to constantly adapt our health care building designs to accommodate new concepts of patient care and medical equipment technology. The same thing applies to educational design as academic programs adjust to an ever-changing world economy and fast-paced technology. Keeping ahead of the curve has been fun and challenging, and allowed me to gain insights into other important professions I never would have realized without the blessing of this profession.