Project Architect | Manager | Principal

The Inspiration

My father worked for over 40 years as an accountant for a very large construction company called Huber Hunt & Nichols based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We moved from job to job, lived all over the country in my youth, and I was around construction my entire life. I received an Erector set and a set of Lincoln Logs when I was five years old for Christmas. I believe that was what precipitated my desire to put structures together and put me on my course into architecture. I also loved to sketch and draw growing up, and from a very early grade school age I knew I wanted to be an architect.

The Education

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arkansas Architecture School, Fayetteville; Arkansas Registered Architect Certificate No. 1317; member of American Institute of Architects

The Work

I was fortunate to have had a strong math, science, and English background in high school, which aided in my continuing into architecture. I worked construction during college in the summer, spring and Christmas breaks in various capacities as a surveyor, laborer, carpenter, sky track operator and material management person, dump truck driver or whatever capacity was needed by the general contractor. Having these experiences aided in my understanding of construction and my ability to communicate with contractors, which I believe is one of my strengths in producing quality construction documents and working with contractors during construction.