Gwatzilla Wash-n-Lube

This quick lube and car wash facility is unique because it intends to provide an embellished experience for its users to make maintaining your vehicle fun and enjoyable. The building exterior fashions a LED lit perforated metal panel screen over the envelope to imply transparency while providing an interesting architectural element to host facility signage. Butt glazed curtainwall along the wash and glass overhead doors at the quick lube further imply the building’s transparency and allow passer-byers to view cars going through the experiences. The quick lube experience allows you the convenience to stay in your vehicle, watch wall mounted TVs, and enjoy complementary refreshments while your vehicle is serviced. During hot summer months, ceiling hung flex ducts pipe conditioned air into your vehicle window to ensure your comfort while you wait. The wash experience features a lite and bright environment of color LED lights, colorful foam, and skylights to enhance your ride through the 120’ long state of the art tunnel wash. Finally, the building is structured with CMU block walls and clad with contemporary cement panels to provide a heavy and durable envelope that anchors itself on its prominent street corner site.